Weekly Forex Market NZD/USD Analysis 23-06-014 to 27-06-014



Now here we inform u about NZD.USD Pair strong Resistance Area 0.87 Level and market touch this Level and the end of the Friday goes back down 0.86 Level now here little bit support area mention in the chart so we wait the break 0.86 Level then do it Selling Start  at the target is 0.8550.

Trade Idea: Interested in Selling at When its break the 0.86784 Level Target 0.8550.
Trade Idea:  Buying opportunities in the ground floor.




  1. Saadat Ali Reply to Saadat

    Yes. NZD USD TP Hit. Monday is a good day to sell NZD USD.

  2. Saadat Ali Reply to Saadat

    NZD USD analysis is perfect. Thanks.

  3. Welcome Saadat and thanks to you — you like forex signals library signals

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