NZD/USD Technical Analysis June 25-06-014 to 27-06-014 – Selling Area Mention



Today USD New Come so that why NZD.USD Pair goes up “Core Durable Goods Orders ”

Now here we find the Resistance area in NZSD/USD so i share with you Guys 0.8743 Level Resistance Area and NZD.USD high Level is 0.8776 Level if he goes up then the last 0.8776 Level and now selling Area 0.8737 Level and possible that goes down and if NZD/USD break the 0.8751 Level then do it buy otherwise Selling and 1st target is 0.8688 Level.

We hope that you also enjoy the last NZD.USD Analysis Big tp Hit.

Trade Idea: Selling 0.8738 and target 0.8688

Trade Idea: Buyer when its break the 0.8751 Level then do it buy.

High Level : 0.8776

Best of Luck Stay Tune Here.



  1. Saadat Ali Reply to Saadat

    Very good. Excellent. I like it.

  2. Ali Ansari Reply to Ali

    In just few minutes 15 pips TP hit
    as soon as it broke the 0.8751 mark i bought it n within a flash it was over

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