Gold Technical Analysis 23rd Feb 2015



GOLD Last week sharply move downside and at the end of the Friday GOLD doesn’t give any positive sign, but here little bit GOLD support 1196.00 and we also share the chart and we made it triangle. When GOLD clear Break the triangle 1215$ then start buying and target 1244$. If GOLD breaks the downside trend line, then its go for long selling. But possible when Market open on Monday possible GOLD go back upside.

So Guys becarefull When Break the triangle upside then starts buying.

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  1. I also have same thinking, I think that the market will open with gap, may probably open with the price of 1208 and if it opens with that price then may probably move towards 1214, and if it cross this price, then will go to the destination that you have mentioned above, I am also waiting for monday curiously, But if market breaks the level of 1195 then it may only move to 1180, and then come back to 1200 level, this is my own opinion, lets see what happen.

  2. Thanks you like it and we also update when market open

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